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Sarah Bullock Harris (My grandmother) – about 1910

Sarah Bullock Harris (My grandmother) – about 1910

The First Batch

Granny said it all started one hot August day in the in the early 1930’s. My grandparents Sarah (Sally) and George Squibb and their two sons were spending the summer in a new house they had just built overlooking Narragansett Bay in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Granny told us it had been hotter than ever that summer and even the sea breezes couldn’t keep them cool. So she decided it was a good time to try out a recipe she’d gotten from her mother-in-law for a new drink called iced tea. None of them had ever heard of it before! Granny made up a batch using black tea, juice squeezed from fresh lemons, granulated cane sugar, spring water from their well, and mint that grew wild by the brook. She said it was astonishingly delicious! Incredibly refreshing! It has been a staple in our house to this day.

George Sampson Squibb (my grandfather) about 1910

George Sampson Squibb (my grandfather) about 1910

As children, my brother, sister, cousins and I gulped down Granny’s iced tea all summer long. There was always plenty for the taking in a white enameled pitcher in the icebox in the back pantry. I might add that Granny also kept chocolate chip cookies in a glass cookie jar and popsicles in the deep freeze for us to take whenever we liked.

The kitchen in Granny’s house looks about the same today as it did when I was a kid.

The iced tea recipe spread from family to friends and neighbors throughout South County. For years it’s been served at our local yacht club, church fairs, weddings, and fundraisers. A long time ago the town even gave it the name of “Granny Squibb’s”.

Why not put Granny Squibb’s® Classic Lemon Tea in a bottle?

Granny and me in about 1950

Years later, when bottled iced teas hit the market place by the hundreds, I began searching for one that tasted as good as Granny’s. I tried them all. Not one came close. Not one matched the robust, perfectly blended flavor of her classic lemon tea.
So I formed The Granny Squibb Company and with a great deal of help from friends and neighbors managed to produce a bottled lemon tea we believe is as good as Granny’s “homebrew”. I knew we’d succeeded when, during our first spring, Saunderstownites attending a local fundraiser hadn’t a clue that the iced tea they were drinking (poured from a pitcher into their glasses) had come from the newly bottled Granny Squibb’s® Classic Lemon Tea.

Our first bottle

I know Granny would approve of our desire to make her tea available to everyone. I know she would encourage us to help others and to take care of the environment just as she did. I know she would approve of our urging our customers to live well, to take advantage of the best life has to offer, and always to have fun. (We also know she would be horrified to have her photograph on the front of a bottle. Sorry, Gran!)
Welcome to our family.

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